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                            The Fuse Family

                            We think our platform is pretty fantastic, and our customers feel the same. But don’t take it from us – we’ll let them tell you in their own words.

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                            How Panasonic improved staff retention and increased it by 26%.

                            "Since we implemented Fuse we've seen huge business benefits.

                            "We've been able to retain our staff at 26 percent of a higher rate than in 2018. We’ve also seen our agent NPS scores improve. They’re up 33 NPS points.

                            "We came into this project with the mantra that we wanted to improve things for us our staff so they could improve things for our customers.

                            "We've returned on our investment within 3 months because we haven't had to incur reoccurring recruitment and training costs".

                            Cheryl Ogle

                            Service Delivery Manager


                            Scandic empowers 18,000 team members to be decision makers

                            "We set the vision for what we think should be learning in Scandic. That was built on: meet, learn and share. And it looked at how we learn in our private lives.

                            "We had two projects ongoing at the same time. One was to look at how do we modernise learning, at the same time we were looking at how do we reach all our team members with internal Communication.

                            "We saw a lot of these initiatives were overlapping and we think it was a great win to have everything through one platform.

                            We are using Fuse to create a culture and a learning organisation."

                            Lena Bjurner
                            SVP HR and Sustainable Business


                            Hilti turned off their LMS to increase engagement & performance

                            "We actually did a lot of research with the organisation. They wanted to learn on the go, so they had to have it mobile friendly. They wanted everything to be extremely relevant to the need they had. They didn’t want to hear from people outside of Hilti, they wanted to hear from the Hilti experts."

                            "We recognised we absolutely had to change to an organisation that enables learning at the moment of need no matter where that person happened to be."

                            Rachel Hutchinson
                            Head of Global Portfolio & Community Management


                            Switching to Fuse enabled Carpetright to grow their revenue by 13%

                            "We're really delighted with the results - these have become something much greater than we thought it would."

                            "The colleagues that connect the most with Fuse and really engage with the content perform much better than their peer group – and that difference is double-digit difference. They learn about the products they're selling, the services that we offer, and how best to serve our customers."

                            "They perform much better, adding real value to our business."

                            Lyn Warren
                            HR Director

                            Rentokil Initial

                            Rentokil Initial switched from the market-leading LMS to Fuse and saw three years’ worth of engagement in a single month

                            “The feedback was absolutely fantastic from day one. People just find it far more intuitive… a far better learning experience."

                            “In November alone last year, we saw more users complete content and view content on Fuse than we did in the whole of the three years previously of our LMS combined. That's pretty outstanding and really shows that Fuse is the right system for us to be using."

                            "We're looking forward to what the future holds, because we really believe the future is Fuse.”

                            Richard Gregory
                            Global Head of U+ (Learning & Talent Development)


                            How Vodafone revolutionised their internal communications

                            “We only gave email access to managers – a big concern for us was the over-reliance on managers to cascade information. And how exciting can email be? You can’t do video, and the attachments always have limits."

                            “Everyone has a smartphone these days – by unlocking the power of that, you’ve just enabled the content to be a lot richer. They can relay exactly what they want their colleagues to do, leaders can show how their managers should act, via video."

                            “You’re taking what they love to communicate, how they communicate amongst themselves and enhancing the way they learn all in the same step… it’s magical.”

                            George Aitken
                            Retail & Communications Manager

                            Inter Continental Hotels Group

                            Transforming Leadership through Next Gen Technology for a Global Audience

                            “Our hotel general managers are incredibly busy people, and the way that we focused on the more traditional learning interventions just really wasn't suitable.

                            “Fuse has really helped us overcome some of these challenges. We've changed to more modern bite-sized social type of content, pulled together into one place – creating communities for our general managers where they can really go and find what they need, when they need it.

                            “The feedback that we've had from our learners and internal stakeholders as well has really been phenomenal. We're going to continue working with Fuse, making sure that actually IHG is the place for our general managers to come to really develop and having a great career.”

                            Betina Skovsted
                            Global Learning Director

                            There are over 100 organisations in the Fuse Family. Find out how you can use Fuse to drive your business performance forward.

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